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Annual Shots For Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian-Dward-Goat-ShotsIt’s time for the goats to receive their annual shot of BoSe and CD/T. We try to keep things as natural as possible but we don’t want to compromise the health of ourselves our animals either. We want the best for our animals and want to ensue their kids have the best opportunity they can to enjoy the world around them.

Here are the details about the shots, how to purchase and what we gave our goats. Please contact your vet before administering.

Supplies needed for goat shots

  • Syringes and needles - 6 cc syringes and  1″ 20 gauge needles works well for IM (intramuscular) shots to adults.

  • BoSe - Requires Rx (contact vet), given IM

    dosage: 1 cc
    Helps maintain muscle tone in adults and prevents white muscle disease in kids. It’s a booster of selenium and vitamin E that requires a Rx so contact the vet. It’s common for areas to be deficient in selenium so it important to supplement to keep your goats in good health.
  • CD/T vaccine - Over-the-counter (check feed stores), given subcutaneous
    dosage: 2 cc, 2x separated by two weeks
    Provides protection against tetanus and helps keep intestinal bacteria from growing out of control in the spring. It contains tetanus toxoid and the enterotoxemia vaccination.

How to give your goat shots


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  1. Logan March 30, 2013 Reply

    This is a great video. Quality wise, the video was great. Sound was good, video was good. No excess crap that most videos have. Information wise, it was awesome, as well. Thank you for posting this. I’ve yet to see such a good, informational video on goat vaccinations/supplements.

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