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Goat Kidding Supplies

baby goat kidding suppliesOur Nigerian Dwarf goats are almost due and we are checking to make sure we have all the supplies needed for goat kidding. Some of the supplies may not be used but having them on hand just in case is critical. Make sure you have a separate area for each doe to kid and stay in for a few days after kidding with plenty of bedding. This area may need to be heated slightly if its cold in your area, in most cases March usually is.

List of supplies needed

Will use

  • Calcium Drench and drencher – oral supplement that helps prevent milk fever. Given at first signs of labor and again 6 to 12 hours after kidding
  • 7% Iodine – for dipping umbilical cord
  • Several old towels – for cleaning kids and keeping bedding clean
  • Garbage bags – for picking up after birth
  • Baby nasal aspirator – To remove fluids from mouth & nose, if necessary
  • Dewormer – we use Molly’s herbal formula #1, during stress and hormonal changes worms can get out of hand
  • Needles, syringe and BoSe – for boosting the newborns selenium levels, contact vet for prescription
Just in case

  • Latex gloves – if you need to “go in” to assist
  • Sharp scissors – in case you have to cut the umbilical cord
  • Alcohol – to sterilize
  • Dental floss – to tie the umbilical cord if needed
  • Betadine – if you need to “go in” to assist
  • Hand sanitizer – if you need to “go in” to assist



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