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Clean Water
Chickens often confuse their waterers for a convenient place to drop a load off. Poop and other contaminants are reduced or eliminated with a closed watering system.


Less Time
The nipple water system means less refilling for you which means more time spent doing the things you enjoy rather than refilling dirty chicken waterers.

Happy and Healthy
Clean water and less of your time means healthier chickens and a happier you. People are switching to the poultry nipple watering system and not looking back.

Featured chicken watering setups

  • Testing Station

    Testing Station

    Wellington Family Farm

    We test all of our nipple waters to make sure customers don’t receive a leaking product. This is our...

  • Our Rain Barrel Setup

    Our Rain Barrel Setup

    Wellington Family Farm

    We use a 55-gallon rain barrel to power our nipple waterer in our enclosed run as well as in...

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